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UK-IE Issue 17

Growing Techniques,
The Tropism Prism,
Grow your own Avocados
and much more…

UK-IE Issue 16

Perspectives on Substrates,
Coco Coir,
Clay Pebbles,

UK-IE Issue 15

Giants in the Winter
Organic vs. Synthetic
Eggshell Planters
How does Nature work?


UK-IE Issue 14

Water: The Universal Solvent
Your Inevitable Battle with Fungus Gnats
Brown Thumb
Growing Big Things in Small Spaces

UK-IE Issue 13

Perfect NPK
Biosolids: Organic BS
Grow Your Own: Giant Marrow
Compost Teas & Fertilizers

UK-IE Issue 12

Peaky Bubblers
Get A Grip on Thrips
Grow Perfect Peas
Giant Veg: A Ton of Fun

UK-IE Issue 11

Light Matters, Part 1
What Are Phosphorus & Potassium?
Water: Much More Than Wet
UK Food Policy


UK-IE Issue 10

The Scientific Method
Kelp: The Magic Weed
Renaissance of Rudolph Steiner
A Mite-y Problem

UK-IE Issue 09

Life Force & The Garden
Optimal Lighting Layouts
Grow Your Own: Kale
Reflectors Matter

UK-IE Issue 08

Proper Watering Techniques
Plant Hormones
Calculating with Light
Higher Levels of Plant Nutrition

UK-IE Issue 07

Small Savings, Big Losses
Teach ‘Em Young
Reusing Your Soil Mix
The GMO Controversy Continues


UK-IE Issue 06

Doin’ Time In The Garden
Hazards of Electro Magnetic Interference
Tomorrow’s Tastiest Tomato

UK-IE Issue 05

Making Your Own Soil Mix
Organic vs. Synthetic Nutrients
Grow Your Own: Sage
LED Specifications

UK-IE Issue 04

Green Light
Organic Gardening Basics
Grow Your Own: Mint
Compost Tea

UK-IE Issue 03

Top 5 Hydroponic Techniques
Salanova Lettuce – A Whole New Leaf
Mothering Techniques
Soil Techniques In Hydroponics


UK-IE Issue 02

Growing Korn
Super Foods 101: Growing Wheatgrass
Genetics and Breeding
Grow Your Own: Rosemary

UK-IE Issue 01

Think Micro For Macro Results
The Invisible Garden
Grow Your Own Money: Bitcoins
Wild Wasabi Tamed

GH Summer