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Growing Potatoes in Containers

Crates, tubs, bags, barrels, wire towers, or specially designed potato planters… What’s the best way for growing potatoes in containers? A question I didn’t know I had until earlier today, but certainly one any urban gardener or container gardener should want the answer to. Because you grow flowers for fun, but veggies are all about providing yourself with the most food possible. It started with this video of how to make a nifty little potato growing container. Ingenious idea, right? A super simple, inexpensive approach to growing potatoes in containers for limited space. It looks a lot like a...

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How to Grow Sage… Anywhere

HISTORY & FOLKLORE A word with two meanings, sage the noun refers to a herb with culinary and medicinal uses, and sage the adjective describes a wise and experienced person. Since one benefit of the Salvia plant has long been said to sharpen one’s mental prowess, sage being a synonym of wisdom cannot be a coincidence. This article written by Tammy Clayton, Senior Editor of Garden Culture Magazine, originally appeared in Issue 7 UK under the title, Sage: Wisdom of the Ages. The word salvia comes from ancient Greek that literally means ‘to save’, or the Latin counterpart for...

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Hydroponics Grows Homeless Teens Futures

A new indoor farm in Anchorage, Alaska is almost ready to launch. There’s far bigger things behind the hydroponics system at Seeds of Change than growing tons of lettuce and herbs. The plans are far more ambitious than growing a bazillion tons of veggies, though when running at full capacity, the facility is equipped to produce 50-70 tons annually. But it’s been taking shape for many years. This is a youth empowerment project for at-risk teens and young adults coming out of the foster care and mental health system in Alaska. Some will be newly released from the juvenile...

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Chinampas: Urban Farming Returns to Mexico City

They’ve been there since long before the day Cortes got his first glimpse the Aztec Empire in 1519. The chinampas have come full circle, from feeding the city’s population to ruin, and finally, restoration brings urban farming and local food back to Mexico City. It’s been a long, bumpy ride. The worst of which appears to have taken place in more recent years. According to historical accounts, the beauty of the huge Aztec city with a population of 5-6 million took the conquistadors’ breath away. These first to arrive later wrote that its breadth and shimmering canals made the...

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Grow Versatile, Edible Indian Corn

A lot of people don’t realize you can eat Indian corn. They think it’s just pretty. One edible Indian corn variety really stands apart. You could use Painted Mountain Corn for fall decoration, and some seed catalogs probably list it as ornamental – but it has far more value. Created to produce a food crop where corn won’t grow, Painted Mountain is more of a multi-use harvest with excellent nutritional benefits for humans and animals. It’s also a fast-growing, fairly adaptive crop that does well in drought, and poor to marginal soils. People who grow Painted Mountain as an edible...

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