5 Easy Steps to Pickling

There’s nothing worse than getting a great yield but not having enough time or mouths to eat it before it’s turned. Growing up I remember jars and jars of delicious pickles that my mom made every year. I want that in my pantry – I mean, who doesn’t! And after getting a text from a friend asking if I wanted to pickle, I thought – GENIUS, I’M IN! So we pickled as much as we could, and it’s a lot easier than I thought. We started with the green beans and decided to give them a little kick because...

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The Beginner Gardener: Winging it

I have to admit, I was so stressed when I started planning my outdoor vegetable garden. That pressure grew when my boss asked me if I wanted to write a regular blog on my experience as a rookie gardener. I decided to do my research and the more I read, the more overwhelming it became. The trick is, don’t stress it and go with the flow. You will learn from your mistakes and every year will be bigger, better and easier. I keep reminding myself this not even half way through year #1, and despite all the books and...

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