Mediterranean Plants: How to plant and care for them

You may have dreams of a luxury villa in the Tuscan countryside or a poolside retreat in the Costa Del Sol, but while the weather may not be as sun blessed, it is possible to recreate some of that Mediterranean garden glamour back home. Whether you want to include one of the many varieties of olive trees into your garden, a Trachycarpus Fortunei palm, Tuscan Cypress tree or Bay Leaf Topiary, there are many plant species from the Mediterranean which can be planted in different shores to their origins. To help you care for your specialist plants, Olive Grove...

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5 Tips on how to Grow an Olive Tree

How to Grow an Olive Tree A garden is a place to escape to; full of color, peace, love and hard work. It’s many homeowners pride and joy, and with countless dreamy images of beautiful gardens filling Pinterest; gardeners have a wealth of inspiration to draw from in order to keep their garden looking good all year round and a paradise to escape to and relax in. When the weather heats up, many of think of Mediterranean climates and their tropical gardens. One of the Med’s most famous exports is the olive tree – also known as olea europaea....

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