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Understanding Enzymes for Plants

What are enzymes? Why are so many fertilizer companies adding enzymes to their ever-expanding list of essential supplements? Enzymes are extremely small, yet powerful proteins made of complex chains of amino acids folded in shapes reminiscent of Pac-Man. Simply said, enzymes have the power to chop things into smaller parts. They are able to This article by Rick Le Renard is republished here from Issue 6 of Garden Culture Magazine. It originally appeared under the title, Enzymes. break down, modify, and even create things! Naturally occurring, and necessary to all life forms, without them, there would be no life – not as we know...

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What Is Soil?

Your yard is full of it. But what is soil? Why is it that in some locations soil is able to grow great results easily, and in others, gardening is so difficult? Before you give up on your soil and decide that the more exact science of high-tech gardening is the only way to succeed at growing, there a few things you should know… Even though hydroponics continues to grow in popularity, soil is still the stuff to grow on. There are many types and compositions of soil. It’s no news that having healthy and fertile soil is important for...

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DIY Fish Fertilizer

You can buy liquid fish just about anywhere garden fertilizers are sold, so why bother messing around with DIY fish fertilizer? It’s liquid gold – the best possible 100% natural plant food. [column size=one_half position=first ]Thanks to the many benefits gained using inputs made from fish in gardening, fish-based products are a familiar sight within the retail gardening industry. With all the products on the market, the liquid fish fertilizer segment has two separate categories: fish hydrolysate and fish emulsion. Outside of specialty gardening shops, fish emulsion is the product most commonly found. This is most unfortunate for the average organic gardener. Fish...

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Urban Farm Planning Tips

Before you ever break ground, there’s some important urban farming planning you need to do. It may even affect the very location of your farm. Before you get in over your head or discover the endeavor is a failure before sowing your first seed… check out these words of wisdom. The voice of experience from someone who’s already been there, and faced the realities of growing produce and selling it in the city. Many urban farmsteaders look at the needs of their plants, and access to an eager local population of foodies as priorities when searching for a site in their city. But...

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Organic Gardening Basics

Taking an interest in organic gardening is usually triggered by wanting to avoid fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides, or taking better care of the environment. That’s important, yes, but first you’ve got to understand it’s all about the soil and plant roots. Unlike conventional gardening, it’s not about appearances on the surface. They do matter. But take care of the unseen first, and it will take care of you. What is unique about organic gardening?. [column size=one_half position=first ]An organic gardener utilizes unadulterated natural substances, and uses carbon as a main ingredient for plant nutrition. Nothing...

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