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Meet Oasis Mini Smart Garden System

Fresh out of the box indoor gardening news… A new smart garden crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter yesterday. The Oasis Mini by Aeroasis is somewhat unique in the hydroponic gardening appliance space. In 2015, Thomas Wollenberger was growing his own in the community garden across campus from his dorm at the University of Florida. But the heat and bugs became made it less than enjoyable. Especially the insects. His crops had pest issues. Indoor gardening captured his attention. Fresh, home grown produce without all the uncontrollable problems. What he learned as he discovered indoor growing paved the way to the founding...

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Should You Recycle Greywater for Plants?

Even if you’re not in an area suffering from deep or prolonged drought, it makes a lot of sense to recycle greywater for plants. Why throw it away if it’s not toxic or potentially harmful? Especially when you pay for it by the gallon from the city water system. After all, while you wouldn’t want to drink it, or bathe in it, plants in the yard can benefit from the water. So, why pay the city to recycle it and sell it to you again? You get multiple uses per gallon, can water the garden during water rationing, and grow...

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Double Fruits & Vegetables = Longer Life

Expert dietary guidelines have it all wrong, despite recently increasing the daily minimums. A new study finds that five servings of fruits and vegetables a day is only half what is needed to live a longer, healthier life. Keeping the grim reaper at bay calls for 10 servings of fruit and veg. Scientists at the Imperial College London say consuming ten 80 gram portions of fruits and vegetables daily could greatly reduce your risk of disease. And less disease, means preventing premature deaths. The research, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology estimates that 7.8 million lives globally could...

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Plant Patents, Food Sovereignty & Seed Diversity

Concerned about pesticides, chemicals, and GMOs on your plate? Time to broaden your awareness of what’s happening in the world of seed that produces food. While everyone focuses on genetically modified crops and ingredients – food sovereignty and seed diversity is disappearing. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? You’re being relieved of greater food freedoms. Your right This article written by Amber Fields is republished here from UK Issue 7 of Garden Culture Magazine. It originally appeared under the title, Seed Diversity & Food Sovereignty. to grow food without purchasing or seeking permission, to save seeds from your garden, is in...

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Meet Herbert: Indoor Vertical Garden

This isn’t the first compact hydroponic indoor vertical garden system for the wall we’ve seen enter the crowdfunding space. However, Herbert appears to offer a lot more to the gardener than looking artsy hanging around in the room. There’s a definite need for a system that pairs great engineering and aesthetic value with a keen focus on crop performance and space premiums. Because in many people’s homes today –  the walls are the only place it’s feasible to grow your own herbs and vegetables. The rest of your available space is already being used by just living. So, this new...

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