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Roundup Revelations: Monsanto-EPA Collusion Exposed

It’s been a bad week for Monsanto. Money machine hinge pin, Roundup, must be labeled a possible carcinogen in California. Judge Kristi Culber Kapetan handed down the final ruling in Monsanto’s lawsuit against the state in Fresno County Superior Court on Friday, March 10th. Monsanto lost. Glyphosate is now firmly on the Proposition 65 list. All products in the state containing the controversial chemical must now bear the warning label. Naturally, the company and their legal team tried the profit plea. Their attorney telling the judge that this warning label would hurt Monsanto by driving customers away gained no sympathy. They...

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The Cannabis Contamination Scheme

There’s a lot of excitement in Montreal this week as Cannabis Culture opens 8 retail stores in the city. But recent cannabis contamination news gave CBC Montreal Daybreak host Mike Finnerty cause for concern on Thursday’s show. In an interview with Cannabis Culture owners Jodie and Marc Emery, Finnerty questioned the results of testing done by The Globe and Mail on cannabis purchased at their Toronto store. As a result, heated discussion aired on public radio over how the customer knows if the recreational or medical marijuana being purchased is safe to consume. It seems that The Globe and Mail took it upon themselves...

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Urban Agriculture Act of 2016

Yes, an Act, as in law.  On September 26th, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow introduced the Urban Agriculture Act of 2016 in Congress. The bill “addresses the unique needs of urban farmers by investing new resources and increasing flexibility through existing programs administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).” Among it’s numerous touted virtues, the Act is promised to create new economic opportunity, provide families with greater access to healthy foods, and establish a healthier environment. Don’t misinterpret ‘urban farmer’ to include residential veggie gardening or backyard chickens and goats. This bill was written for agriculture businesses and community gardens that exist...

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Roundup: Toxic Algae Feed

Just one more delicate balance destroyed by Roundup. Toxic algae gets bloom booster applications in Lake Erie from Roundup Ready crops. The glyphosate applications create 20-25% of the lake’s phosphorous pollution. The problem? Mobilization of dissolved reactive phosphorous (DRP) draining into the Maumee watershed. Cynobacteria find glyphosate itself highly nutritious. It’s reached epic proportions in recent years. Pinpointing the problem is a result of research done by Christopher Spiese, chemistry professor at Ohio Northern University, and Roundup herbicide is responsible for the huge increase. As we learned in the summer issue of Garden Culture Magazine, soil type and pH can...

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