Classroom Aquaponics: Kids Gain Healthy Experience

Small hydroponic and aquaponic systems are perfect for use in classrooms, but when it comes to teaching kids what offers both them and the Earth healthier options, aquaponics wins hands down. In terms of easy sustainability, one system can provide them with fruit, vegetable, and protein production. But it also teaches children two methods for growing food; aquaculture and hydroponics. The Seafood Nutrition Partnership’s new Seafood in Schools program launches in 11 US school systems this fall. The non-profit will provide teachers with a grant and supplies to bring tabletop aquaponics systems into the classroom to start educating youngsters...

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Scotland Enters Vertical Farming with Total Automation

Commercial indoor agriculture in the UK is largely based in England and Wales with vertical farming being focused on in London. A situation that changes this fall with the launch of Scotland’s first vertical farm. There are no ZipGrow Towers here. This growing rack system could change everything. Not just in the UK, but globally. The UK’s “first commercially viable” vertical farming system installation at the James Hutton Institute, a world-renown plant science facility near Dundee, is in the final stages of completion. Upon launch, the full-scale trial grow will commence. No overnight wonder, they’ve been working on this...

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Top 4 True Natural Beauty Products

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and if you don’t want GMOs and chemicals in your food, you certainly do not want to slather yourself with them head to foot! But not all hair care, skin care, and makeups that profess organic or natural benefits are truly natural beauty products. One glance at the ingredients list will tell you that 99% of them use 1-2% natural botanical, herbal, or other plant-based materials to greenwash the largely chemical-based stuff in the container. (Researching each ingredient is eye-opening.) But here are four brands whose products offer our readers...

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Kimbal Musk’s Urban Farming School Expands

It’s only been a year since Kimbal Musk announced the launch of Square Roots, a unique urban farming school that combines learning both the hydroponic growing side and the business side that creates customers and income. Even if real food is the new internet, as Musk is fond of saying, a successful urban grower is as capable wearing their sales and business growth cap, as they are tending pesticide-free crops. And what better way to celebrate that first successful year than to announce a bright education for the future farmer incubator in Brooklyn and beyond. With fall’s arrival, the...

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5 Easy Steps to Pickling

There’s nothing worse than getting a great yield but not having enough time or mouths to eat it before it’s turned. Growing up I remember jars and jars of delicious pickles that my mom made every year. I want that in my pantry – I mean, who doesn’t! And after getting a text from a friend asking if I wanted to pickle, I thought – GENIUS, I’M IN! So we pickled as much as we could, and it’s a lot easier than I thought. We started with the green beans and decided to give them a little kick because...

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