Mediterranean Plants: How to plant and care for them

You may have dreams of a luxury villa in the Tuscan countryside or a poolside retreat in the Costa Del Sol, but while the weather may not be as sun blessed, it is possible to recreate some of that Mediterranean garden glamour back home. Whether you want to include one of the many varieties of olive trees into your garden, a Trachycarpus Fortunei palm, Tuscan Cypress tree or Bay Leaf Topiary, there are many plant species from the Mediterranean which can be planted in different shores to their origins. To help you care for your specialist plants, Olive Grove...

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The Monsanto Papers: Suspicions Confirmed

Though spokespersons for the Monsanto Company are running the defense, as usual, the Monsanto Papers, namely emails turned over to the plaintiff’s lawyer in a Roundup cancer lawsuit, reveal their claims of rigorous testing and scientific review more questionable than ever. The plaintiff’s Council published this group of emails on its website a couple of weeks ago, which the chemical giant wasn’t expecting, and demands they be removed. Too late. It seems they missed a filing deadline. There’s no retracting this. There are some smoking guns in those emails, starting with them inventing their own definition of “independent.” A...

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Cannabis Chaos: Marijuana Laws Across North America

With cannabis use legal, in one way or another, in all but seven states in the US, you’d think we’d be approaching something akin to cohesive marijuana law. But that would make sense… instead we have the incoherent approach. For starters, black market marijuana pours over the border from Mexico into illegal US distribution. It’s been that way for many decades, even though cannabis prohibition has been in place south of the border since 1920. Still, supply continued from a country that only decriminalized personal possession in 2009, and just this summer passed a bill legalizing medicinal use. Canada is laying...

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How UK Gardens have altered their appearance over the years

With homes across Britain shrinking, there has been a knock-on effect also witnessed with our gardens. For instance, the homes of today across the country are half the size as those which were constructed in 1920. Meanwhile, the typical British garden was 163.2 metres squared as of 2013 — down quite considerably from 168 metres squared in 1983. According to figures from 2010, there are claims that more than two million British homes don’t even have gardens. It has also been predicted that 10.5 per cent of all homes in the country will not have a garden come 2020....

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How To Avoid PFC Chemical Exposure at Home

Have you seen the newest issue of Garden Culture Magazine? There’s an article about PFC chemical toxins, namely PFOA and GenX, polluting the Cape Fear River that supplies some 250,000 people in North Carolina with drinking water. These unregulated chemicals cause cancer and a plethora of other health problems, but they’re flowing into the river nonetheless. Why? Because they make nonstick pans (and other miracles) possible. Hmm… what else are they in? Well, lots of other things in your home or work place. And there’s no way to remove it from the water – or you. PFOA, PFOS, PTFE, C8,...

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